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Over 100 ‘No-Cook’ bags packed for the unhoused in Kern

Over 100 ‘No-Cook’ bags packed for the unhoused in Kern

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – Bags of food signal the beginning of the Thanksgiving spirit, but this is not just any food.

This is ‘No-Cook’ food packed for the unhoused by CAPK for the holiday. The food includes simple meals and snacks that don’t require cooking. And 15-year-old volunteer Ryan Torres said he didn’t think twice when his mom suggested he help bag the food.

“I know people have difficult times, and all the help they can get, I’m willing to do it,” said Torres.

According to CAPK’s Blaine Hodge, the organization wanted a better way to feed the homeless and did a test trial of the ‘No-Cook’ food less than two weeks ago, and it was a success.

“The direct response that I’m getting is nothing is going wasted […] Because people can actually use everything that’s in them,” said Hodge.

This led several community partners to join in and help put together more bags of food to provide to the homeless throughout the county.

One of those partners is Edward Robinson of the Social Servant, a mobile clinic and agency focusing on supporting Kern’s homeless. He shares that this is a change-maker.

“We are creating something that’s going to be a lot more accessible, we’re going to be able to get in a different way, engage in a different way and that’s what it’s all about versatility,” said Robinson.

On Tuesday more than 145 bags were packed, exceeding the organization’s goal, Hodge said he can’t wait to see where this can go.

“That’s 145 homeless individuals that will have a meal, so I think that’s a huge impact, huge difference even if it was one person […] All it takes is a hand, all it takes is looking at things a little bit differently to get to that solution,” said Hodge.

To find more information about where to find these food bags click here.

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