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Matt Canada fired: Pittsburgh Steelers fans say “it’s time for an upgrade”

Matt Canada fired: Pittsburgh Steelers fans say "it's time for an upgrade"

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Word of offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s firing spread quickly across Steeler Nation on Tuesday.

KDKA-TV talked to several fans about the move and what they expect going forward. 

“He’s gotta go,” one fan said.

“It’s a good thing, I really do,” Steelers fan Robyn Davis said. “I think we’ll do better.”

Fair or not, the wrath of Steelers fans was focused on Canada, who joined the team back in 2016 as a quarterbacks coach, followed by his offensive coordinator duties when Randy Fichter left the black and gold. 

His schemes left many fans wanting more.

“The productivity wasn’t there,” another fan said. “They’re averaging 10 to 13 points per game.”

“After Sunday’s game, I turned it off after the first quarter,” Steelers fan Bernie Cook said. “It was an anemic offense.”

But believe it or not, KDKA-TV spoke to one fan who said maybe Canada didn’t get a fair shot

“They should have given him another couple of games, to tell you the truth,” fan Kirk French said. “He came out of the booth, came down to the field. He has to get used to his newfound.”

Running backs coach Eddie Faulkner is expected to take over as the team’s offensive coordinator, while quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan will handle play-calling duties  

“It’s time for an upgrade,” one fan said. “They can’t do any worse than they were doing.”

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