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Heali’s food-as-medicine platform to improve nutrition and food access for consumers and businesses

Heali’s food-as-medicine platform to improve nutrition and food access for consumers and businesses

As the food as medicine movement continues shaping nutrition and food access for Americans living with chronic conditions, Heali​ serves as a platform to support medical nutrition therapy for both consumers and businesses, Kyle Dardashti, founder & CEO, Heali, explained to FoodNavigator-USA.

The platform, Heali Intel, includes millions of food products and recipes which are analyzed by AI and peer-reviewed medical findings to create personalized dietary recommendations that address over 200 chronic conditions, including diabetes, allergies, autoimmune issues and gastrointestinal problems. As the company evolves, Heali intends to add meal delivery options directly from the app and invest in future partnerships.

Along with its seed funding, the nutrition tech company also received CDC recognition, expanding its health care partnerships. While the service is still in beta, Heali intends to offer one-on-one CDC-recognized health coaching.

Streamlining food-as-medicine access

Through the app, users can choose their specific health conditions and connect to nutrition plans that can help mitigate or manage those conditions based on a database of peer-reviewed research.

“[Heali] leverages clinical grade-AI to give customized and evidence-based nutrition plans. …  Users are able to easily learn which foods work for their nutritional goals, which do not, and the reasons why,” Dardashti explained.

For businesses, Heali Intel offers a standalone SaaS solution, providing infrastructure for food service providers, manufacturers and meal delivery services to transition into food-as-medicine establishments. The platform analyzes nutrition information to verify more than 350 regulated claims, including the Nutrition Facts panel, ingredient declaration, allergen claims, nutrient content claims, FDA authorized health claims, structure function claims, EU claims, medically tailored foods and Medicaid / Medicare requirements.

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