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How Thinking Like A Marketer May Help Improve Your Online Dating Profile

How Thinking Like A Marketer May Help Improve Your Online Dating Profile

Business 101: Knowing when to walk away. Although it’s never easy having negative experiences on dating apps, thinking like a marketer requires you to assess whether a relationship is working or not. It also means knowing when to stop reaching out, especially if you’re not the one terminating the relationship. According to dating coach Hayley Quinn, it’s best to follow the one-date rule while marketing ourselves. “If there’s no follow-up by either party after a first date, what’s implied is we just weren’t feeling it enough to want to continue,” she explained to Mashable. Terminating a relationship or continuing to reach out after several dates may lead to severely hurt feelings, and that’s not ideal for anyone.

On the other hand, you may begin talking to someone who quickly disengages, which is a great signifier to keep swiping. Just because you’re a curious and effective businesswoman doesn’t mean everyone will acknowledge or even notice it — and that’s okay! Follow traditional business communication skills by moving on and finding someone who can give you their time, effort, and curiosities, just as you do. You’ll find the perfect match in no time.

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