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What’s on the menu at Arizona State Fair 2023: New food to try

What's on the menu at Arizona State Fair 2023: New food to try

The 2023 Arizona State Fair kicks off on Sept. 22 and there are plenty of new foods to try.

State Fair food is all about indulgence with a menagerie of fried foods, sweets and oversized creations you need both hands to hold. This year, vendors are bringing creative twists on the tried and true Fair food classics from funnel cakes to hot dogs. Expect a birria bonanza, pickle peek-a-boos, Hot Cheetos galore, smashburgers and desserts riffing off of TikTok-famous creations.

Stay tuned for highlights from the best and weirdest after we taste-test them on opening day.

For now, here’s a look at all the new foods at the 2023 Arizona State Fair.

A birria bonanza at Chub’s

A warm flour tortilla is stuffed with birria and cheese and served with consome and lime.

Chub’s has, by far, the most new offerings this year.

Try all things birria, including quesabirria tacos to birria eggrolls at Chub’s. The food stand even offers a Birria Tosti-Elote which involves birria served with sweet corn, butter, mayo, cotija cheese and hot sauce inside a Tostitos bag.

Chub’s is also debuting two new loaded fry options: chicken fries topped with crispy chicken and drizzled with sweet chili sauce, and loaded birria fries smothered in nacho cheese and topped with birria, fresh onion and cilantro.

These are tamales stuffed with pickles and cheese and served with nacho cheese.

Try pickled tamale bites — tamales stuffed with pickles and cheese and served with nacho cheese. Or a new crispy-on-the-edges smashburger that comes topped with American cheese and grilled onions, or a crispy chicken salad with a side of buffalo sauce or ranch can be served in a bowl or a wrap.

More Hot Cheeto creations at The Corn Shack, Biggy’s and Enzo’s

Hot Cheeto cheesy pickle pizza is a cheese pizza topped with a mix of pickles and Hot Cheetos spice.

The Corn Shack is offering an elote and Hot Cheetos ramen. The classic noodles come topped with mayo, parmesan, corn and Hot Cheetos.

Over at Biggy’s, you can order Hot Cheetos and cheese chicken on a stick, a concoction of fried chicken topped with nachos and sprinkled with Hot Cheetos. They’re also jumping on the pickle trend with a Pop Tart topped with a pickle.

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