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SMU Breaking News: Unifor, Ford Extend Negotiations for 24 Hours, Put Off Possible Strike

SMU Breaking News: UAW Begins 'Stand Up' Strike at Ford, GM, and Stellantis

Unifor, which represents union auto workers in Canada, has extended negotiations with Ford, thus delaying a potential strike.

The deadline for contract talks – Monday, Sept. 18, at 11:59 pm — has passed. But Unifor said it was continuing discussions with Ford for another day.

“The union received a substantive offer from the employer minutes before the deadline and bargaining is continuing throughout the night,” Unifor said in a statement.

However, the union also noted that its members would remain ready to strike.

Unifor’s counterpart in the US, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, is currently on strike with against all “Detroit Three” automakers — Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis.

Unifor took a more traditional approached. It selected one automaker, Ford, as the targeted automaker in labor negotiations.

The Canadian union’s membership is smaller than that of the UAW. So is the number of workers that it could call on to go on strike.

Unifor represents approximately 5,680 auto workers at Ford in Canada. The UAW represents roughly 150,000 across the Big Three, according to the Detroit Free Press.

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