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Prime Picks for Your Restaurant

Prime Picks for Your Restaurant

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When opening a restaurant or revamping your kitchen, a commercial broiler becomes a must-have in today’s modern kitchen. These powerhouses define how some of your signature dishes taste and look. Their primary function? To cook food at high heat from above, ensuring a delightful sear or crust. Given its central role, understanding the advantages of a quality broiler is paramount.

Definition and primary function

Commercial broilers, commonly found in restaurants, operate differently than your typical home oven broiler. While both aim to apply high heat, the commercial version does so more efficiently and over larger food volumes. A commercial broiler’s primary function is to cook or finish dishes with direct, intense heat from above. This technique imparts a distinct texture and flavor, making it a favorite for certain dishes. For instance, many chefs prefer it for achieving that perfectly crispy skin on a roast chicken.

Using a commercial broiler is not just about heating food; it’s an art. This device is designed to apply a consistent degree of heat, ensuring even cooking. It’s especially useful for dishes that need a final touch of high heat, like caramelizing the sugar atop a crème brûlée or adding that char to a steak.

Importance in the culinary industry

In the bustling world of culinary arts, a commercial broiler is more than just another kitchen appliance. It can be the defining factor between a good dish and a great one. In high-demand settings like sandwich shops or steakhouses, the speed and efficiency of a broiler become paramount. Your patrons expect dishes like perfectly broiled steaks or sandwiches with beautifully melted cheese, and delivering consistently can set your establishment apart.

Additionally, in the vast culinary landscape, techniques and equipment evolve, but the demand for classic, well-broiled dishes remains. This makes the commercial broiler not just a current need but a long-term investment. For any restaurant aiming to stand out, mastering the art of using this equipment can be a game-changer.

Benefits of investing in a quality broiler

Investing in a top-notch commercial broiler can yield benefits beyond just cooking food. Firstly, a high-quality broiler ensures even heat distribution, resulting in consistently well-cooked dishes. This consistency can be the difference between a one-time visitor and a loyal customer. Moreover, quality broilers are designed to last, making them cost-effective in the long run.

Quality also ties into safety. A well-made broiler reduces the risks of malfunctions or accidents, ensuring a safer kitchen environment. And let’s not forget the energy efficiency factor: modern commercial broilers often come designed to consume less power, making them both eco-friendly and pocket-friendly. In the world of commercial cooking, where margins matter, investing in quality equipment like a broiler is a wise choice.

Buying the Right Commercial Broiler

Feature/Description Top Pick: Remta Makina Professional Salamander Runner Up: Wolf Range C36IRB Salamander Broiler Best Value: IKON 36′ Countertop Gas Salamander Broiler
Product Dimensions 18.9″D x 30.71″W x 22.83″H 36 in. W x 19 in. D x 191⁄2 in. H Not specified
Color Silver Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Fuel Type Gas Natural Gas Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
Finish Type Powder Coated Not specified Stainless Steel
Burners/Heat Source 3 radiants 2 ceramic infrared burners 35,000 BTU Infra-red burner
Ignition System Self-controlled 3 radiants Standing pilot ignition system Standing pilot ignition system
Adjustable Positions Cooking distance adjustable Broiler carriage adjusts to 6 positions 3-level broiling positions
Power Source Natural Gas Natural Gas Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
Construction Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Heavy stainless steel
BTU Not specified 30,000 BTU 35,000 BTU
Additional Features Equal heat distribution, quick cooking, easy cleaning Straightforward ignition, chrome-plated grid, overflow spillage pan 4” adjustable height, full width broiler pan, 3 position adjustable rack, ball grip handle

Their versatility and efficiency make commercial broilers a valuable tool in modern kitchens. Whether you’re running a cozy cafe or a bustling restaurant, having the right broiler can elevate your dishes, ensuring customer satisfaction. As with any equipment, understanding its nuances, ensuring its maintenance, and operating it efficiently can make all the difference. The broilers on this list will help you achieve that.

Remta Makina Professional Salamander


Top Pick: The Remta Makina Professional Salamander is the perfect example of how precise cooking can be. The new standard for high-quality cooking tools is this commercial countertop salamander grill. This salamander was made with great care and attention to detail, so it will always give your food the perfect sear.

Key Features:

  • Brand: Remta Makina
  • Product Dimensions: 18.9″D x 30.71″W x 22.83″H
  • Color: Silver
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Finish Type: Powder Coated
  • Material: High-grade stainless steel
  • Special Feature: Equal heat distribution ensures perfect grilling and a quick cooking time without any smell or smoke.

Remta Makina Professional Salamander

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Wolf Range C36IRB Salamander Broiler

Wolf Range C36IRB Salamander Broiler

Runner Up:The Wolf Range C36IRB Salamander Broiler is a professional-grade salamander broiler that will help you improve your cooking skills. With efficiency and longevity that can’t be beat, the Wolf C36IRB guarantees consistent performance even in tough commercial settings, so you can always grill perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Heated by Natural Gas: Ensures consistent and efficient heating.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction: Designed to resist bends and scuffs, ensuring longevity.
  • Dual Heat Controls: Allows simultaneous cooking of 2 products.
  • 2 Ceramic Infrared Burners: Provides efficient and even heating.
  • Adjustable Chrome-plated Grid: 6 position adjustments using a cool-touch knob.
  • Integrated Spillage Pan: Collects overflow, simplifying the cleaning process.
  • Overall Dimensions: 36 in. W x 19 in. D x 19½ in. H.

Wolf Range C36IRB Salamander Broiler

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IKON 36′ Countertop Gas Salamander Broiler

IKON ISB-36 36-inch Countertop Gas Salamander Broiler, Stainless Steel

Best Value: Professional cooks worldwide use the IKON 36′ Countertop Gas Salamander Broiler. IKON offers more than just efficiency—it’s a sign of power and prestige. IKON goes above and beyond the ordinary by combining unmatched quality with unmatched value. This turns empty areas into culinary hubs. Let your chef brag about a tool that adds to their cooking skills.

Key Features:

  • Gas Options: Available in Natural gas(NG) or Liquid propane(LP) with a conversion kit for flexibility.
  • Construction: Robust heavy stainless steel ensures durability and longevity.
  • Infra-red Burner: Powerful 35,000 BTU for effective broiling.
  • Temperature Control: Manual gas control ranging from 300°F to 750°F.
  • Positioning: 3-level broiling positions to suit different needs.
  • Connectivity: 3/4” rear gas connection with an inclusive regulator.
  • Added Conveniences: Features like a full-width broiler pan, an adjustable spring-balanced rack with a comfortable ball grip handle, and compatibility with IKON 36, 60-inch range.

IKON 36′ Countertop Gas Salamander Broiler

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Adcraft CHM-1200W Electric Cheesemelter

Adcraft CHM-1200W Electric Cheesemelter, 24-inch, Stainless Steel

Adcraft’s stainless steel cheesemelter isn’t just another kitchen tool—it’s the perfect partner for cooking art. It makes melting cheese fast and easy. Its compact and well-thought-out design guarantees perfect results every time, especially for kitchens with limited room, whether you’re melting cheese or toasting nachos.

Key Features:

  • Design & Material: Crafted in a sleek silver shade with a robust stainless steel construction.
  • Compact Size: Designed thoughtfully for kitchens with limited space.
  • Heating Efficiency: Equipped with a metal sheath heating element ensuring quick and perfect warming.
  • Power Specifications: Operates on 120 volts, with a power draw of 1200 watts.
  • Heat Control: Infinite switch for precise heat adjustments.
  • Additional Features: Comes with an insulated body to retain heat effectively.
  • Package Inclusions: The set includes the cheesemelter as the primary component, designed for electric power sources.

Adcraft CHM-1200W Electric Cheesemelter

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Axis Equipment Gas Vertical Broiler

Axis Equipment AX-VB4 304 Stainless Steel Gas Vertical Broiler

This modern vertical broiler was made by MVP Group, and it is both durable and efficient. Whether you’re making mouth-watering gyro sandwiches or other tasty treats, the quality of its build and the way it works promise nothing less than perfection. Made of 304 stainless steel, it doesn’t rust and can handle high temperatures, so you can be sure your cooking will be nothing less than amazing.

Key Features:

  • Material & Durability: Crafted from 304 stainless steel for optimal corrosion resistance and ability to endure high temperatures.
  • Versatility: Specially designed for broiling meats, ideal for making gyro sandwiches and other delicacies.
  • Heating Capacity: Equipped with four infrared burners, boasting a combined heating capacity of 44,382 BTU.
  • Gas Options: Comes with orifices for both propane and natural gas.
  • Size & Capacity: Measures 18″ x 22″ x 45″, with a 30″ spit; can handle up to 176 lb. of meat.
  • Control: Individual temperature adjustments for each burner via knob controls.
  • Safety Features: Includes thermo-elements that cut off the gas flow if the flame is extinguished.

Axis Equipment Gas Vertical Broiler

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Moffat Stainless Steel Electric Half Size 2 Deck Oven

Moffat E31D4, 2C Stainless Steel Convection Oven

Moffat’s top-of-the-line electric oven will change the way you bake forever. Moffat is known for making high-quality products that are also stylish, efficient, and durable. This oven is made to fit perfectly into any business. It heats evenly, can be used for many different things, and is easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Brand Excellence: Moffat, a name synonymous with quality and precision.
  • Material & Finish: Crafted from robust stainless steel and glass, ensuring longevity and elegance.
  • High Wattage: A powerful oven with 2.9 KW wattage ensures efficient and quick baking.
  • Control: Convenient knob controls for precise temperature and time settings.
  • Capacity: Designed to accommodate (4) 1/2 size sheet or hotel pans.
  • Versatility: Equipped with rethermalization & roast functions, allowing varied culinary tasks.
  • Added Components: Comes with a sheet pan and a stacking kit with casters for added mobility.

Moffat Stainless Steel Electric Half Size 2 Deck Oven

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IKON 60″ 6 Burner and 24″ Radiant Broiler Commercial Gas Range

The one thing that will change everything in your industrial kitchen. This gas range is made for heavy-duty cooking jobs because it can bake, fry, boil, grill, and do a lot more. Its flexible design, strong burners, and sturdy construction make it an essential part of any professional kitchen.

Key Features:

  • High Efficiency: Six 30,000 BTU top burners and two 30,000 BTU ovens.
  • Radiant Broiling: A 24″ radiant broiler to enhance your grilling needs.
  • Durable Construction: Features stainless steel front, back riser, and a lift-off shelf.
  • Versatility: Riser with a removable shelf and a full pull-out crumb tray.
  • Oven Specialties: 3 position oven rack settings with two racks included per oven.
  • Quality Finish: Oven interior elements, including the door and sides, are porcelain coated.
  • Complete Package: Comes with a gas conversion kit ensuring adaptability based on your needs.


IKON 60″ 6 Burner and 24″ Radiant Broiler Commercial Gas Range

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Remta Makina Commercial 3 Burner Vertical Broiler

Professional Commercial Full Set Industrial Meat Capacity

A wonder of cooking made for people who enjoy the art of cooking. This broiler is a must-have for workers because it is made of high-quality stainless steel and is made to work well. Whether you’re running a busy restaurant or providing food for an event, this vertical broiler will help you cook with precision, speed, and a traditional taste.

Key Features:

  • Brand Excellence: Manufactured by the renowned Remta Makina.
  • Compact Design: Measures 22.05″D x 16.93″W x 41.34″H, fitting seamlessly into various spaces.
  • Portability Perks: Special portable feature ensuring ease of movement and setup.
  • Elegant Finish: Boasts a sleek silver color, elevating the look of any kitchen setup.
  • Fuel Flexibility: Uses Propane Gas (LPG) for effective cooking.
  • Authentic Cooking Experience: Manual spinning by hand, allowing chefs to engage directly with the cooking process.
  • Comprehensive Set: Comes with a serving tray, sheesh, and a meat plate, ensuring you’re equipped for every culinary endeavor.

Remta Makina Commercial 3 Burner Vertical Broiler

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Varieties of Commercial Broilers

Different culinary needs necessitate varied broiling equipment. While the end goal is the same – deliciously broiled dishes – the journey varies. The market offers an array of commercial broilers, each with its own set of advantages and suited for distinct purposes.

Radiant vs. infrared

Radiant broilers use metal plates to spread heat, producing a consistent and even cooking surface. These are often preferred for their ability to retain heat, providing consistent results for extended periods. On the other hand, infrared broilers utilize infrared technology, which delivers rapid, high-intensity heat directly to the food. This method is exceptionally efficient, cutting down cooking time and delivering a quick sear.

Infrared broiling is an innovation in the culinary scene. By using electromagnetic radiation, these broilers can deliver intense heat in a short amount of time. While radiant broilers might be the traditional choice, the speed and efficiency of infrared technology are hard to match, especially in fast-paced kitchen environments.

Salamander broilers and their significance

Salamander broilers are a type of overhead broiler, perfect for finishing touches. They excel at tasks like browning the top of a lasagna or melting cheese over a dish. Their design allows for easy access, making them especially handy for busy kitchens. A salamander broiler’s precision is its hallmark: it can apply the perfect amount of heat without overcooking the dish beneath.

Restaurants, especially those that prioritize presentation, cherish salamander broilers. Their ability to provide a final touch – like the golden brown on a meringue pie – is invaluable. Furthermore, with adjustable heights, chefs have more control, ensuring that dishes get just the right amount of heat.

Differences between charbroilers and griddle broilers

Charbroilers and griddle broilers, while similar in function, serve different purposes in a kitchen. Charbroilers typically use grates, exposing food directly to the heat source, perfect for dishes like burgers or steaks that benefit from grill marks and a smoky flavor. Griddle broilers, conversely, offer a flat surface, making them ideal for foods like pancakes or sandwiches.

Understanding the nuances between these two can elevate your culinary game. While charbroilers impart that classic grilled texture and taste, griddle broilers give an even, consistent heat, ensuring dishes are cooked uniformly. Depending on your restaurant’s menu, one might be more suitable than the other, but having both can truly diversify your offerings.

Operational Guidelines and Safety

Operating commercial broilers efficiently isn’t just about great food; it’s also about safety. These machines operate at high temperatures, and without the right guidelines, accidents can occur. Ensuring your staff is well-versed in both operation and safety is key.

Cleaning and maintenance

Keeping your commercial broiler clean isn’t just about hygiene; it directly impacts the performance of the equipment. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of grease and food particles, which can affect the taste of your dishes. Moreover, a clean broiler operates more efficiently and has a longer lifespan.

Maintenance goes hand in hand with cleanliness. Regularly checking for potential issues, ensuring the gas lines are clear and functioning, and replacing worn-out parts can keep your broiler in top condition. After all, in a commercial setting, equipment downtime can be costly, not just in terms of repairs but also in lost business.

Safety protocols to follow

Safety can’t be stressed enough when it comes to high-heat equipment like commercial broilers. Ensuring that your staff is trained to handle the equipment, knows how to shut it off in emergencies, and wears the right protective gear is crucial. Additionally, having a clear evacuation plan in place in case of larger accidents ensures everyone’s safety.

It’s also wise to keep the area around the broiler clear of any flammable materials. Regular inspections by professionals can identify potential hazards before they become major issues. Remember, a safe kitchen is not only beneficial for your staff but also ensures a consistent and uninterrupted service for your patrons.

Efficient usage and energy conservation

In the age of sustainability, energy-efficient operations are not just good for the environment but also for your wallet. Modern commercial broilers often come with features that optimize energy usage. Knowing how to operate your broiler efficiently – not overheating, shutting it down when not in use, or using it at optimal capacity – can lead to significant energy savings.

Investing in energy-efficient models might have a higher upfront cost, but pays off in the long run. Furthermore, efficient usage also extends the lifespan of the broiler. In the restaurant business, where every penny counts, smart and efficient use of equipment can make a tangible difference.

Integration in Various Cuisines

The versatility of commercial broilers means they’ve found a home in various global cuisines. From the sizzling steaks of American diners to the savory kebabs of Middle Eastern eateries, the touch of a broiler is evident.

Role in American cuisine

In the American culinary scene, the commercial broiler’s mark is undeniable. Think of the classic diner steak, the juicy burger, or the melt-in-your-mouth grilled cheese sandwich. These staples owe their taste and texture to the broiler’s intense heat. The broiler brings out the flavors, caramelizes the sugars, and seals in the juices of these iconic dishes.

But it’s not just about the main courses. Desserts like s’mores or certain pies, which need that light char on top, benefit from a broiler’s precision. In essence, the commercial broiler is an unsung hero in American kitchens, playing a part in both the country’s culinary history and its future.

Influence in Mediterranean dishes

Mediterranean cuisine, with its emphasis on grilled meats and vegetables, heavily relies on commercial broilers. Dishes like shish kebabs, gyros, or even certain seafood delicacies get their unique taste and texture from broiling. The high heat seals in the flavors, ensuring that every bite is a medley of taste.

Moreover, the quick cooking time that broilers offer is in line with Mediterranean cooking’s fast-paced nature. Dishes are often prepared fresh and served immediately, and a commercial broiler’s efficiency aids this process. From the bustling streets of Istanbul to the quaint eateries in Athens, the broiler’s influence is pervasive.

Integration in Asian culinary practices

Asian cuisines, known for their diverse flavors and techniques, have embraced commercial broilers in unique ways. While traditional grilling methods are still prevalent, the efficiency and consistency of broilers have made them popular, especially in commercial settings. Dishes like Japanese yakitori, Korean bulgogi, or even certain Chinese grilled delicacies benefit from the broiler’s touch.

The broiler’s ability to lock in flavors while ensuring a delightful char makes it perfect for Asian dishes, which often balance sweet, salty, and umami flavors. In bustling cities like Tokyo or Seoul, where street food culture thrives, commercial broilers have become an essential tool, delivering mouth-watering dishes in record time.

Selecting the Right Broiler for Your Needs

Given the array of commercial broilers in the market, making the right choice can be daunting. But understanding your needs, your restaurant’s capacity, and your menu can guide you to the perfect match.

Assessing kitchen space and capacity

Before diving into models and specifications, assess your kitchen. How much space do you have? Is it a countertop setup or a larger, standalone unit you’re after? Understanding the spatial constraints can narrow down your options. Additionally, consider your kitchen’s throughput. A small cafe might not need the capacity that a bustling diner demands.

For restaurants with limited space, countertop models might be more appropriate. They offer the power of larger units but in a compact form. On the flip side, large establishments with high customer turnover might benefit from full-sized models that can handle volume.

Budget considerations

Commercial broilers, like any equipment, come at various price points. Setting a clear budget can streamline your selection process. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, remember that this is a long-term investment. Sometimes, spending a bit more upfront can save costs in the long run, both in terms of energy efficiency and durability.

However, it’s also essential to ensure you’re getting value for your money. Look for models that offer warranties, have good customer reviews, and are from reputable brands. Balancing quality with cost is key.

Menu compatibility

Finally, consider your menu. Are you primarily serving dishes that require intense grilling, like steaks or burgers? Or is it a mix, with some items needing a gentle broil, like certain desserts or seafood? Understanding what you’ll be cooking most frequently can guide your choice.

For instance, a steakhouse might benefit from a charbroiler that can impart grill marks and a smoky flavor. In contrast, a dessert cafe might prioritize a salamander broiler for those finishing touches. Your menu is a reflection of your establishment’s soul, and ensuring your equipment aligns with it is paramount.

Longevity and Maintenance Aspects

Any commercial kitchen equipment is an investment, and ensuring its longevity is crucial. Regular maintenance, understanding the broiler’s needs, and ensuring it’s operated correctly can significantly extend its life.

Regular cleaning routines

As reiterated earlier, cleanliness isn’t just about aesthetics or hygiene. A clean broiler performs better, ensuring that your dishes are cooked evenly and taste as they should. Over time, food particles, grease, and other residues can accumulate, impacting the broiler’s performance and potentially becoming a fire hazard.

Setting a regular cleaning schedule, depending on your broiler’s usage, is essential. Whether it’s a daily wipe-down or a weekly deep clean, ensure it’s consistent. Also, using the recommended cleaning agents and tools can prevent any damage to the broiler’s components.

Replacement of worn-out parts

No matter how well you maintain your commercial broiler, parts will wear out over time. Being proactive in replacing them ensures that your broiler remains in top condition. Whether it’s the grates, the burners, or even the knobs, timely replacements can prevent bigger issues down the line.

Having a trusted supplier for parts can be beneficial. Moreover, regularly inspecting your broiler for any signs of wear and tear and addressing them immediately can prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Professional servicing and inspections

While regular cleaning and maintenance can be handled in-house, periodic professional servicing is advisable. A professional can identify potential issues before they escalate, ensuring your broiler’s longevity. Whether it’s calibrating the broiler, checking the gas lines, or even assessing the overall performance, a professional’s touch can make a difference.

Setting a routine – whether it’s bi-annual or annual – for professional inspections can be beneficial. Not only does it ensure your broiler’s health, but it also gives you peace of mind, knowing that a critical piece of your kitchen equipment is in top shape.

Understanding the Energy Aspects

The efficiency of a commercial broiler isn’t just about cooking; it’s also about energy consumption. In an era where sustainability and cost-effectiveness are crucial, understanding your broiler’s energy aspects becomes vital.

Gas vs. Electric broilers

The debate between gas and electric broilers is ongoing. Both have their merits and drawbacks. Gas broilers are often lauded for their quick heating times and the ability to give food a distinct flavor. Electric broilers, on the other hand, offer more consistent temperatures and might be more energy-efficient in the long run.

Making a choice depends on several factors. If your establishment is in an area with frequent power outages, gas might be the way to go. Conversely, if you’re in a location where electricity is cheaper than gas, an electric broiler might be more cost-effective. Understanding the nuances and making an informed decision can affect both your dishes and your bottom line.

Energy efficiency ratings

Modern commercial broilers often come with energy efficiency ratings. These ratings, often provided by third-party agencies, give an indication of the broiler’s energy consumption. Opting for a high-rated broiler might have a higher upfront cost but can lead to significant savings in the long run.

Moreover, in many regions, energy-efficient equipment might be eligible for rebates or tax breaks. Being aware of these incentives and taking advantage of them can reduce the overall cost of the broiler.

Sustainable practices

Beyond the broiler’s specifications, sustainable practices in the kitchen can make a difference. Simple steps, like shutting down the broiler when not in use, ensuring it’s at optimal capacity when operational, or even using it at off-peak hours (if electricity costs vary), can lead to energy savings.

Training your staff, understanding the energy dynamics, and being conscious of consumption can have both environmental and economic benefits. In the restaurant business, where margins can be thin, every bit of savings counts.

Tips for Optimal Broiling

Broiling can elevate your dishes, but mastering this technique is vital. With proper guidance, your commercial broiler can be a game-changer for your restaurant.

Knowing your heat zones

Every commercial broiler boasts different heat zones. Recognizing these is pivotal for evenly cooked dishes. Some zones emit intense heat, others are milder. Understanding these zones is pivotal to the broiling process. Proper placement, particularly for gradient cooking, enhances food quality.

On the other hand, not understanding these zones can lead to inconsistent cooking. One side of a dish might be perfectly broiled, while the other remains undercooked. Training staff on heat zone recognition can prevent such inconsistencies. A well-cooked dish reflects expertise and can significantly boost customer satisfaction.

The importance of pre-heating

A commercial broiler is not a device to rush. Like any good equipment, it requires patience. Pre-heating is not an optional step; it’s a fundamental part of broiling. To achieve consistency in your dishes, ensure the broiler reaches its optimal temperature.

Beginning to broil too early can result in unevenly cooked dishes. It might look done on the outside, but the inside could remain undercooked. Educating the kitchen staff on the importance of this step can elevate the quality of the dishes served. After all, a perfectly broiled dish speaks volumes about a restaurant’s commitment to excellence.

Exploring Additional Features

Every commercial broiler comes with a set of standard features. However, many models on the market offer additional features that can optimize the cooking process.

Digital controls

The era of knobs and manual controls is evolving. Many modern commercial broilers now come with digital control panels. These offer precision in temperature settings, ensuring dishes are cooked to perfection. Digital controls also come with timers, alarms, and other settings that make the cooking process more streamlined.

In contrast, some chefs still prefer the tactile feel of manual controls. They believe it offers them a connection with the equipment. No matter the choice, understanding the controls and features of the broiler is essential. Ensuring the staff is trained in these nuances can lead to efficient kitchen operations and high-quality dishes.

Adjustable racks

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in the culinary world. Different dishes require different cooking heights. This is where adjustable racks in commercial broilers come into play. They allow chefs to adjust the proximity of the food to the heat source.

Being able to modify the rack height can be a boon for dishes that need delicate broiling. On the flip side, some dishes require intense heat, and bringing them closer to the heat source achieves this. Equipping your kitchen with a broiler that has this flexibility can be a great advantage. It ensures that a variety of dishes, from cheeses to steaks, are broiled to perfection.

Integrating Broilers with Other Kitchen Equipment

A commercial kitchen is a symphony of various equipment working in harmony. For smooth operations, it’s vital that these machines integrate seamlessly.

Space considerations

Kitchens, especially in urban settings, often face space constraints. While a commercial broiler is an asset, it should fit well with other equipment. Mapping out the kitchen layout in advance can prevent logistical headaches later. It ensures that there’s enough space for the staff to move around comfortably and for equipment doors to open without hindrance.

In addition to the physical layout, ventilation considerations are key. Broilers emit a lot of heat, and adequate ventilation ensures the kitchen remains at a comfortable temperature. Proper ventilation also ensures safety, preventing overheating or any potential fire hazards.

Power requirements

Commercial broilers, especially those that pack a punch, often have specific power requirements. It’s essential to ensure that the kitchen’s electrical setup can handle the broiler’s demands. Overloading circuits can lead to power outages, disrupting the restaurant’s operations.

Moreover, some broilers might require special gas connections or even dedicated electrical circuits. It’s wise to consult with a professional before installing the broiler. Ensuring that all power requirements are met upfront can prevent costly disruptions or damages down the line. Proper power management also contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of the kitchen.

Coordinating with staff

Introducing a new piece of equipment, like a commercial broiler, requires staff coordination. Chefs, sous chefs, and kitchen helpers all need to be familiar with its operation. Training sessions can ensure everyone is on the same page.

While the chef might be responsible for the actual broiling, others play a role too. For instance, setting up the broiler, cleaning it post-operation, or even basic maintenance might fall on other staff members. A cohesive team that understands the equipment can lead to smoother operations. Regular training sessions and updates can ensure that the entire team is well-versed with the broiler and its features.


What is a commercial broiler?

A commercial broiler is a type of oven that uses high heat from above to cook food. It’s especially popular in restaurants for dishes that require a charred or caramelized finish.

How does a commercial broiler differ from a regular oven?

Unlike conventional ovens that cook from below or all sides, a commercial broiler primarily cooks from above. This direct heat method results in faster cooking times and a distinct texture on the food’s surface.

Are there different types of commercial broilers?

Yes, there are various types, including infrared broilers and salamander broilers. Each type has its unique features and benefits tailored to specific cooking needs.

How do I maintain and clean a commercial broiler?

Regular maintenance includes wiping down after use, checking for food particles, and ensuring that gas lines or electrical connections are intact. Periodic deep cleaning and professional check-ups are also recommended.

Can commercial broilers be used for all types of dishes?

While they are versatile, commercial broilers are best for dishes needing a crisp top layer or a charred finish. It might not be suitable for dishes that require even, slow cooking.

Is there a notable difference in taste when using a commercial broiler?

Using a commercial broiler can result in a caramelized or charred finish which can enhance the flavor profile of certain dishes, giving them a distinct taste.

Are commercial broilers energy efficient?

The efficiency varies by model and type. However, because they cook food faster, they might be more energy efficient than traditional ovens for specific dishes.


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