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Mallorca to step up crackdown on booze tourism

Mallorca to step up crackdown on booze tourism

The Balearic Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport, Jaume Bauzá, has warned that he will apply “decisive and forceful measures” to combat criminal and anti-social activities which are filmed and then go viral on social media platforms which do not represent the Balearics, as well as modifying the decree on tourism of excesses.

Bauzá criticised the fact that the previous government did not meet the subcommittee that determines the decree of tourism of excesses “once” and that the time has come for a new model.
The decree explained that efforts to promote advances made in the quality of the islands’ tourism industry were being undermined by media reports of anti-social behaviour in “certain areas of Mallorca and Ibiza”. Most of this was due to alcohol abuse, which resulted in a great deal of insecurity for residents and reduced tourism quality.

“Year after year,” the decree stated, news has appeared in the media, both national and international, regarding tourist anti-social behaviour (young tourists in particular). Young people had been injured or killed because of practices such as ‘balconing’.

There was sexual exploitation and abuse. There were fights on the streets, which placed extra demands on the health service. Public property was frequently destroyed.
“For many groups, especially those of a younger age, recreation in general and nightlife especially is associated with abusive consumption … . There is a low perception of the associated risks.”

Particular mention was made in the decree of reports by Calvia town hall and police, by Palma police, by Llucmajor police, by the Spanish government’s delegation in the Balearics (which has responsibility for the state security forces, the Guardia Civil and the National Police), and by the Balearic health ministry.

“The repeated anti-social behaviour described in these reports has created a deep concern among the citizenship, within the hotel, catering, retail and service sectors, and among the administrations involved.” Given all this, it was considered that there were “reasons of general interest to justify the adoption of measures established by this decree law”.

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