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Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid baffled as she makes ‘breaking news’ announcement

Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid baffled as she makes 'breaking news' announcement

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid was confused by Richard Madeley’s interjection on today’s show.

The broadcasters returned to front Tuesday’s edition of the ITV news programme. The presenters covered the major news stories of the day, which included interviews with stars such as Paul Young.

Andi Peters appeared to front today’s competition and was on location in Cornwall. He branded the place as one of Richard’s favourite location, which prompted the veteran presenter to share some trivia.

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Richard said: “That island we can see on the right just over your shoulder. That’s Looe island and it’s reported, and there is some historical evidence of this, that Jesus Christ landed right on that island with Joseph of Arimathea when Jesus was allegedly the ship’s carpenter on his uncle Joe’s Ship.

“His uncle Joe was a Venetian trader and lots of ships landed on that island because it was a safe place to do business. They think Jesus, as a 15/16 year old, walked on that island. “

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