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“Folk Festival” organised at Govt College for education Jammu by JKAACL

“Folk Festival” organised at Govt College for education Jammu by JKAACL

JAMMU, September 19: J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages with an aim to provide the staff and students a glimpse of rich cultural folk traditions of J&K, organised a Folk Festival in the Government College for Education, Jammu.

The special series of programmes being organized by JKACL aim to revive the rich and vanishing vernacular culture of Jammu region. The youth of the region are being encouraged to participate in these programmes to witness the grandeur of the regional heritage.

Aekta Gupta, the College Principal was the Chief Guest. At the outset, Dr. Shahnawaz, Editor cum Cultural Officer welcomed the students and Staff members of the college on behalf of the Secretary JKAACL,   Bharat Singh, on whose initiative these programmes are being organised. He said that such programmes are being organised to introduce the youths of the region to the cultural traditions of Jammu and Kashmir.

In the Festival, folk forms like Geetru, Karkaan and other Dogri Folk songs were presented by top artists. The students were briefed about each folk form. They were told that Geetru (presented by V.D. Sureshtha & Group) is a dance –song of Dogra –Pahari region of Jammu generally performed on the occasion of Festivals, feasts and weddings by the rural folk parties. Boys and Girls both participated in this traditional dance-song form in their traditional costumes. About Karkaan, presented by GirdhariLal& Party, the audience was told that it is a folk song or ballad sung in honour of great souls who sacrificed their life in the general interest of the society.

Generally these songs are sung by folk singers called Gardies at the time of religious gathering such as Gagail, Jaataretc .The most popular and famous Kaarkan across Duggar are those of Baba Jitto, Data Ranu and Raj BahuRull.

Dogri Folk songs were presented by VishakhaBhardwaj and Shakti Lalotra, who with their melodious voice enthralled the audience.

After the conclusion of the event the College Principal Aekta Gupta thanked JKAACL specially   Bharat Singh, Secretary for organising an enthralling event at their College. She said that such programmes connect one to its roots and help in preserving the rich cultural treasure of the region.

The program was ably conducted by KomalBharti. The Cultural Academy’s efforts in promoting cultural sensitivities are receiving great appreciation from the art and culture connoisseurs of the region.   Anil Tickoo, Assistant Cultural Officer JKAACL was the incharge of the program.

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