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Our orthopedic specialists are advancing the practice of sports medicine in Maine with innovative procedures that decrease patient recovery times and produce better outcomes. We’re addressing acute sports injuries with emerging biologic treatment options that preserve more native tissue and use the body’s natural healing power to achieve better long-term results. And, we’re leveraging non- and minimally- invasive procedures such as percutaneous tenotomy using Tenex, platelet-rich plasma injections and high-resolution ultrasound technology to relieve chronic tendon and fascia pain. Many of our providers are performing each of these procedures, among others, right at the practice. Learn more below.

High-Definition Ultrasound

Krystian Bigosinski, MD uses high-definition ultrasound technology to for better image quality and a faster diagnosis.

Meniscal Cartilage Implantation Procedure

F. Lincoln Avery, MD replaces torn meniscus tissue with a collagen implant – the next phase in biologics.

Percutaneous Tenotomy for Tendon and Fascia Repair

Kate E Quinn, DO uses non-invasive ultrasonic energy to target diseased and damaged tendons/fascia.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections for Tendon & Fascia Pain

Krystian Bigosinski, MD repairs damaged tendons using healing factors in the patient’s own blood.

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