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Summer travel from Kansas City and float trip tips from you

People float down Courtois Creek in Missouri.

Do you have a favorite memory from your last Missouri float trip? Unfortunately, I was not so lucky. But I’ve been tasked with creating some summer travel guides within driving distance of Kansas City – including float trips.

My first float trip at River Ranch Resort in Noel, Missouri was 13 years ago. It ended early because my family didn’t bring the right things. I went on my second trip last August to the same place, three hours south of Kansas City, and didn’t fare much better.

After crashing into a tree while dragging a float through deep water, I walked away with two nasty bruises. It didn’t help that I was on a raft with all the kids going on their first float trip.

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Battle scars. This reporter got this bruise after going back into the tree for the first time on a boat trip at River Ranch Resort in Noel, Missouri, in August 2022. Joseph Hernandez

I’ve had no luck planning a dream weekend in nature. I hope that can be changed, but I will need your help.

We want to hear from you about your favorite summer or weekend getaways near Kansas City and your best tips for making them successful. We’ll use your information to compile guides to some favorite summer adventures for others to try.

Tell us your favorite places to float in Missouri. What items do you need to pack? Are you camping or renting a cabin? Where should you avoid if you bring children with you? What advice do you have for traveling with large groups?

If you like to be more active than floating, where do you like to go hiking that is a drive away? Where is your favorite place to visit if you have bikes strapped to the back of your car?

And if you really want to relax, what’s the cutest little town within a few hours of having a great weekend? What was your favorite place when you went there?

Fill out this form or email to let us know your tips and secrets for the best summer adventures in our region, and we may include them in some upcoming guide stories.

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