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Saim Hyder: My anthology will have flavours of both India and the US | Bollywood

Saim Hyder: My anthology will have flavours of both India and the US | Bollywood

New York-based Lucknowite Saim Hyder is on a mission to create an anthology the first of which he shot in the US, the second in his hometown and the last of which he is gearing up to shoot again abroad.

Ointment for confidence

On a visit to the state capital, the actor-producer says, “I finished Ihell’s paradise in the USA before the pandemic, and she also visited various film festivals. In June 2022, I shot Karonda Keema in Lucknow in which I played the lead alongside actors from Delhi and my hometown. National award winning music director Bishakh Jyoti has given the score. I am coming back for my third film soon.”

He looks forward to creating content that is international with an Indian touch. “Three films with different tastes will summarize my anthology. I tried to experiment by working in two different countries at the same time. In the US we have an agent system where you have to hire people and things work smoothly, but in India you have to go into everything yourself – from auditions to post-production, but then it’s immensely satisfying.”

In 2021, he played the second lead role in the eight-episode series Dad goes by scooter which is broadcast on the OTT platform. “After college in Lucknow, I went to New York for my Masters and realized that my calling in life was acting. Since then I have worked on several Broadways including Bonafide Women, One nation under God, Cherry Orchard and movies like Patrons, Larry bought a lemon in addition to hosting TV and radio chat shows. I also have a production company there,” he adds.

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