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Chasing cherry blossoms when traveling Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are the best bets

Chasing cherry blossoms when traveling Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are the best bets

MANILA, Philippines — Cherries in full bloom. As winter gives way to spring, the ephemeral beauty of the cherry blossom begins to reveal itself.

Beautiful little pink flowers profusely cling delicately to their branches. They are one of the most beautiful sights that human eyes can enjoy. So travelers really look forward to this breathtaking sight when they travel.

Luckily for Filipinos, you don’t have to travel far to be rewarded with such a beautiful sight, countries like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, which are best known for these pink flowers in spring, are only a few hours away by plane and are usually in full bloom at this time. time of year, which is March and April. So many travelers really plan their visits to Asia around this time so they can be rewarded with such rosy affection.

The Japanese, for example, cultivated the cherry blossom tree not only for food, but also for its beauty when in full bloom. So it eventually became Japan’s national flower and a symbol of harmony among Asian countries.


We talk about cherry blossoms, and the first country that comes to mind is Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, cherry blossoms are better known as Sakura. It not only marks the beginning of spring, but also symbolizes a time for renewal. Because of the approximately two-week lifespan of cherry blossoms, the turnover rate is rapid and has come to be seen as a cycle of life and death.

The Japanese call the tradition of viewing and appreciating cherry blossoms Hanami, which literally means viewing flowers. Hanami has become such an important part of Japanese culture that people now consider it the highlight of the spring season. People flock to cherry blossoms to eat, drink, sing songs and connect with loved ones while celebrating and appreciating the essence of Hanami.


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To fully enjoy the cherry blossom season, popular attractions worth visiting include Mount Fuji. Take a tour from its picturesque 8 lakes Oshino Hakkai and make sure Gunma is included in the tour as you will witness the magnificent Fukiware-no-taki Falls there.

Aim for the tour around March 29th in Tokyo and May 2nd in Sapporo. We basically have two months to capture Japan in its signature sakura hue.

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In South Korea, the cherry blossom, once considered a hallmark of Japanese culture, has now evolved to become truly theirs. A symbol of purity and beauty, cherry blossoms are often used in Korean pop culture today, and can especially be seen in Korean dramas as a symbol of true love.

The cherry blossom has also found its way into one of South Korea’s most famous industries, skin care and beauty. The Korean brand Innisfree and the entire line of products infused with Jeju cherry blossom were developed using cherry blossom.

When you’re in Seoul during cherry blossom season, it’s a good idea to visit Yeouido Park, where the cherry blossoms serve as a backdrop for the calming Han River, and not far from it is Yeouido Dock, where Klook offers the Seoul Eland Hangang River Cruise.

Outside of Seoul, take a day trip to Gyeongju, which is a city in a coastal province just two hours away from the capital via the KTX. It is famous for holding the annual “Cherry Blossom Marathon”, where participants run through five kilometers of lush rows of cherries. Also experience the history and culture of South Korea while in Gyeongiu through five districts designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These include Seokguram and Bulguksa Temple.

The cherry blossom period in these areas lasts from March 22 to April 5.


Taiwan has a shared history with Japan when it comes to cherry blossoms. In fact, Taiwan turns pink much earlier than Japan, with cherry blossoms blooming from January to April, giving tourists a good four months to appreciate the pink blossoms.

When in Taiwan during the cherry blossom season, head to the Glamping Experience in Hsinchu, located in a camp surrounded by mountains. With this environment, tourists can experience nature away from the usual cityscape.

Awesome adventures and full appreciation of what nature has to offer. These are the essence of cherry blossom season in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Explore what to do this spring Under the Pink Sky with Klook, one of Asia’s leading travel and experience platforms, and enjoy the many offers and promotions available until March 31.

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