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Best Data Center Servers You Should Visit

Featured - Final Fantasy 14 Best Data Centers

MMORPG players who love Final Fantasy franchises have Final Fantasy 14 to play if they ever want to become their own Final Fantasy character. It is set in the world of Eorzea, the player FF14 take on the role of a legendary warrior who escaped a devastating apocalyptic event (the failure of the original 2010 FF14 edition) and five years into the future (reissue as A Real Reborn), where they help Eorzea recover from the threat of the Garlean Empire.

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With the game still boasting its own unique set of jobs and evolutions, fans Final Fantasygames can feel at home with mechanics, references, and stories that provide a Final Fantasy a touch of depth in an usually unnecessarily long MMO story. However, for newcomers to the game, choice a Data center servers is easily one of the hardest as they can shape a player’s overall PVE and PVP experience. In the context of technical choices, which data center servers are worth paying attention to Final Fantasy 14?


6 Local Regional Data Center: Basic Choice

Final Fantasy 14 Chocobos

One of the most important factors when choosing a server in any MMO would be distance. As with other MMOs that require a lot of processing power, FF14 is quite demanding when it comes to both hardware and wireless, especially when trying to play with more advanced game graphics regardless FF14 Class and their dazzling abilities.

In this situation, the first ideal Data Center chosen by the player is the one closest to their location, which is their own LocallyRegional Data Center. In this way, players are treated with the best possible performance FF14 I can offer them. This is usually the best option for newcomers or those who aren’t looking for anything specific in terms of the population of a particular server.

5 Removing the language barrier

Gathering characters in FF14

MMO fans love Final Fantasy 14 know that it’s hard to find servers where people speak the local language. This is especially the case for players who do not have English as a second or primary language, or for those who simply prefer to speak in their local language.

Fortunately, certain data centers in Final Fantasy 14 they have players who primarily speak a particular language – a feature that can attract players who understand the local vernacular. For players whose gaming preferences FF14 including speaking the main language, here are the specific data centers that can accommodate it:

  • Ragnarok – Chaos – Europe:
    It has a large Italian speaking population with a mixture of some French and Arabic speakers.

  • Moogle – Chaos – Europe:
    It is a server with a large French speaking population.

  • Cerberus – Chaos – Europe:
    Server with many Russian speaking players.

  • Odin – Light – Europe:
    It’s a server with a lot of Scandinavian players.

  • Shiva – Light – Europe:
    This server has many German speaking communities.

  • Zodiac – Light – Europe:
    This server contains a large Italian speaking population.

  • Cactuar – Aether – North America:
    This server has a large community of Spanish speakers.

  • Behemoth – Primal – North America:
    This server has a large Brazilian speaking population.

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  • Hyperion – Primal – North America:
    This server has perhaps the largest Spanish population in the game.

  • Lamia – Primal – North America:
    This server has a significant Spanish speaking population.

  • Tonberry – Elemental – Japan:
    This is the primary server for English speaking players from Europe and North America. However, the community also follows the cultures of the dominant Japanese-speaking population, which can result in some culture shock for newcomers.

  • Masamune – Mana – Japan:
    This is the main English server in Mana, with a large Indonesian population.

  • Typhon – Elemental – Japan:
    This server has a significant player base in Taiwan.

  • Kujata – Elemental – Japan:
    This server has a decent English speaking community, with some from New Zealand and Australia.

  • Ramuh – Elemental – Japan:
    This server has a significant population from South Korea.

Some of the main characters in FF14

Players who prefer extremely casual Final Fantasy 14 the experience would probably lean towards Data Centers with a player base that doesn’t demand as much in terms of PVP and Raiding than other newcomers. This means choosing data centers with players who prefer a more versatile experience, giving a decent balance of Raiding, PVP and PVE for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, given the more neutral nature of these data centers, players are expected to find different player priorities in these areas. Players who end up developing a penchant for Raiding, PVP, PVE or even Roleplay are advised to look for more specific data centers. Here are the logical data centers and their regional data centers that meet the more casual criteria:

  • Phoenix – Light – Europe:
    A server with a healthy balance of casual and raid communities.

  • Adamantoise – Ether – North America
    : A more relaxed server perfect for newcomers.

  • Faerie – Ether – North America:
    It boasts one of the most accepting populations for beginners and is extremely LGBTQ-friendly.

  • Siren – Ether – North America:
    Also an LGBTQ server with a large community.

  • Midgardsormr – Aether – North America:
    It is a more casual server for players.

  • Brynhildr – Crystal – North America:
    A server with a relatively small population, recommended for newcomers.

  • Diabolos – Crystal – North America:
    Relatively quiet server, perfect for newcomers and casual players.

  • Goblin – Crystal – North America:
    A relaxed server with a small population usually tied to its groups.

  • Zalera – Crystal – North America:
    Casual server, but also has its own community of attackers.

  • French Fries – Primal – North America:
    Another relaxed community perfect for beginners.

  • Shinryu – Mana – Japan:
    This Japanese-centric community barely has a population of English speakers, but has a very casual atmosphere.

  • Sephiroth – Materia – Oceania:
    This server allows for a mix of activities.

  • Zurvan – Materia – Oceania:
    This area has plenty of activities for the casual player.

3 Raiding Party Preferences

Final Fantasy 14 Player Gathering

As with most other MMOs, Final Fantasy 14 raiding has been an active component of its player base since launch. Considering how each of the game’s iterations has provided its fair share of complex stories and equally intense ones FF14 dungeons, it’s not surprising that some players have devoted themselves to the endgame component of the series.

Players hoping to become part of the hardcore raiding scene and those who want frequent group sessions in the endgame may want to look at servers that accommodate such a population. These servers also suit players who focus more on getting to the end of the game to have as much fun as possible, rather than focusing on the story and side quests. Here are the data servers that match this configuration:

  • Ragnarok – Chaos – Europe:
    Perhaps the biggest attack server in Chaos.

  • Gilgamesh – Aether – North America:
    It has a large population dedicated to hardcore raiding, replacing Balmung as the server of choice for the Gaming Subreddit

  • Jenova – Aether – North America:
    Although the community is raid oriented, it is more relaxed compared to Gilgamesh.

  • Coeurl – Crystal – North America:
    Although it is not a hardcore raiding community, it is great for hunting strong open world monsters.

  • Leviathan – Primal – North America:
    Perhaps the most active raiding world in the Primal Data Center, equivalent to Aether’s Giglamesh.

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  • Excalibur – Primal – North America:
    A well-known raider server filled with a large number of hardcore dungeon devers.

  • Exodus – Primal – North America:
    A server with a more casual attacker community.

  • Chocobo – Mana – Japan:
    This server may contain the largest raiding community in Japan.

  • Ravana – Materia – Oceania:
    This server may be the main attack server in Oceania.

2 Role-playing for total immersion

Final Fantasy 14 characters

Fans of MMOs know that the idea of ​​role-playing is usually reserved for games with huge open worlds and a wide variety of “professions” that replicate real-life events, such as RuneScape and Albion Online. However, if lore intensive MMOs like World of Warcraft have proven, a game with a complex enough story could be a home for role players as well. This is especially the case Final Fantasy 14whose story through its expansions did nothing but escalate things that put Eorzea on the brink of another extinction level event.

However, just because the adventurers are in the FF14 tasked with saving the world doesn’t mean they have to do it in the short term. This is perhaps the point of roleplaying servers, as they are made to accommodate the part Final Fantasy fans who want to fully immerse themselves in the possibility of their characters becoming actual “cast members” a Final Fantasy story through elegant equipment. Here are the data centers that can accommodate them:

  • Omega – Chaos – Europe:
    It is considered the unofficial role-playing world of Chaos.

  • Balmung – Crystal – North America:
    It may be considered the game server with the largest role playing community. It has a fairly large population.

  • Mateus – Crystal – North America:
    Perhaps the second largest roleplaying community in Crystal.

  • Hyperion – Primal – North America:
    In addition to having the largest Spanish-speaking population, it is also considered an unofficial role-playing server in the Primal Data Center.

  • Pandemonium – Mana – Japan:
    This is the primary role-playing community for Japanese players.

1 Streamer Central

Some Final Fantasy 14 characters

Considering how much of a hit the game is Final Fantasy 14 became, it’s not surprising that the game had a lot of streamers playing it in their sessions. One such standout player was Asmongold, known for his witty commentary and casual play style that attracted both newcomers and veterans to his streams.

With that in mind, players may want to consider heading to the servers where their favorite streamers reside to get a glimpse of the action or even get a chance to join their characters in raids. In these situations, here are some ideal data centers for gamers:

  • Sargatanas:
    It is one of the favorite servers of YouTubers and streamers who play this game, probably because of its population.

  • Lamia:
    In addition to a large Spanish-speaking population, the server is also home to YouTube, attack teams, and content creators.

Final Fantasy 14 it is currently playable on Steam, PS4, PS5 and MacOS.

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