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10 Convincing Reasons Molokai Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Aerial view of Molokai island in Hawaii

Molokai is one of the lesser known islands around the world that people often overlook. It is even the least visited island in the country, and while this may sound like a diversion, it is one of the reasons why this island is worth visiting. Apart from the serenity, there are many other reasons why this island is worth making one’s next destination. For those planning to travel soon, here are some compelling reasons why you need to put Molokai at the top of your bucket list and start planning your visit now.

10 Least visited means stunning serenity

Being the least visited island in Hawaii, Molokai is a place of stunning tranquility. Everything from hotels to beaches, parks, restaurants and campsites are often uncrowded, leaving plenty of opportunities to enjoy some quiet time. The combination of charming nature and stunning serenity makes this island an excellent place for a relaxing vacation.

9 It has an authentic Hawaiian culture

Unlike the other more touristy Hawaiian islands, Molokai is more cultural, making it the best place to witness true Hawaiian culture. Molokai is believed to be the first place where hula was danced. This is according to Hawaiian legend which says that the dance was born by the goddess hula on the island of Molokai. The island also hosts several cultural festivals throughout the year that showcase its culture and heritage.

8 Molokai is not touristy

Unlike other Hawaiian islands, there are no large resorts and many other tourist infrastructures in Molokai. This has been the rule on the island for many years, and it is only to preserve the originality of the island. The lifestyle here is relaxed and relaxing. Although it may not be suitable for some travelers, it is great for those who want something other than beaches lined with resorts and crowded restaurants and hotels.

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7 It is a home in the Halawa Valley

Halawa Valley is one of Molokai’s incredible, impressive natural attractions. This attraction is not only attractive because of its stunning natural features, but also because of its historical importance to Hawaii. Halawa Valley is believed to be the site of the first settlement in Hawaii. It is said that the old Polynesians settled there as early as 650 AD, and archeological evidence has been found in the valley to confirm this.

Although much of the valley is on private land, it is still a great place to visit as there are several hiking trails that travelers can explore and see some of the valley’s waterfalls and temple ruins.

6 The Kamakou reserve is located on the island

The Kamako Reserve is a rainforest in Molokai that has a fairytale-like landscape and offers plenty of hiking opportunities. The reserve is filled with hundreds of unique Hawaiian plants, most of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and is also blessed with a variety of birds and animals. Hiking through this reserve and seeing the enchanting trees and plants is an experience that is enough to visit Molokai once.

5 It is home to Pala’au State Park

Pala’au State Park is a beautiful 233-acre state park in Molokai that offers an opportunity to spend some time in nature. It is one of the most visited places on the island not only because of its natural appeal, but also because it has a view that overlooks Kalaupapa – the place where the people who had leprosy were banished.

4 Molokai hosts the Kalaupapa Peninsula

Banishing people with serious diseases like leprosy was common in ancient times. Even more recently, as recently as 1886, King Kamehameha V of Hawaii was forced to banish thousands of people to the Kalaupapa Peninsula to prevent them from infecting others. This peninsula is located in Molokai and is the only known place in the world where people with leprosy were exiled.

3 It is home to Halawa Beach Park

Halawa Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches on Molokai. Here you will encounter two beautiful beaches – Kama’alaea Beach and Kawili Beach. Each of these beaches is great for swimming when the water is calm, usually during the summer. During winter and strong currents, it is dangerous to swim in these waters, and there are no lifeguards in the area.

To make visitors more comfortable, the park also offers picnic areas, toilets and parking spaces, and surfing here is quite exciting when the conditions are right.

2 Paphohaku Beach Park is in Molokai

No Molokai list is complete without mentioning Papohaku Beach – one of Hawaii’s largest white sand beaches. Located in Papohaku Beach Park in West Molokai, this is one of the best vacation spots in Hawaii because it has a lot of amenities and opportunities for adventures.

At Papohaku Beach you will find bathrooms, picnic tables, grills and campsites. The beach is usually empty except on weekends when you can sometimes see up to 10 people trying not to get lost on the huge shore.

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1 Molokai Hot Bread

The term “Molokai Hot Bread” has reached many parts of the world, and now it’s one of the things people visit Molokai for. This bread can be found in one place – Kanemitsu Bakery. It’s usually hot, fresh, and filled with so many goodies, from cream cheese to blueberries, strawberries, or some other delicious filling. Although bread can now be obtained from other Hawaiian islands, it is still more enjoyable to eat bread from where it originated more than 70 years ago.

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