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Jake Birtwhistle wins Oceania Cup & Sprint Championship in Tasmania

Jake Birtwhistle wins Oceania Cup & Sprint Championship in Tasmania

Why it matters: Jake Birtwhistle, a three-time Commonwealth Games medalist and former under-23 world champion, won the Oceania Cup triathlon and sprint championships in Devonport.

Pacing: Jake Birtwhistle won the race with his running expertise, timing his run to perfection to bring home an All-Australian podium from Callum McClusky and Brandon Copeland.

What are they saying?:

  • Jake Birtwhistle: “It was exciting and it was a tough race today so I’m really pleased with how the race went.”
  • Callum McClusky: “Unfortunately, Jake had the better running legs, and maybe I overdid it a bit, and he had a really good kick at the end.”
  • Brandon Copeland: “It was a tough day, alright… So there was a lot of navigation going on and then on the run Callum came out super fast… and Jake just had a bite between his teeth and went after it.”

Between transitions: The race had an impressive field of competitors, including Kira Hedgeland and Charlotte Derbyshire in the women’s race, and the bike course proved quite tactical with several attacks at the front.

Devonport 2023 Oceania Cup & Sprint Championship Results

1. Jake Birtwhistle (AUS)
2. Callum McClusky (AUS)
3. Brandon Copeland (AUS)

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