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$10K Prize Won By Wyckoff Cooking Instructor In Food Network Show

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WYCKOFF, NJ — Although Angie Shaghaghi had been eliminated on multiple competitive cooking shows over the years, including “Chopped,” and Rachael Ray’s “Hey, Can You Cook,” she never gave up and never stopped learning. But this summer, her moment finally arrived.

Shaghaghi, a cooking instructor in Wyckoff, won two Food Network competition shows — “Kitchen Crash” and “Supermarket Stakeout” — the former which aired in July and the latter which premiered this week.

“It is validation that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing,” Shaghaghi said. “I honestly, genuinely feel that from deep in my heart.”

Shaghaghi, a former resident of Wyckoff for 20 years, owns Creative Cooking, a mobile cooking school in Wyckoff, and offers cooking classes at the Wyckoff YMCA. She started a cooking class business out of her Wyckoff home several years ago, spending more than she was earning; although, she said, she discovered she loved the work and never looked back.

Throughout her culinary career, she has appeared on several chefs’ TV shows, although she had never won — that is, until this year.

She was crowned the winner of “Kitchen Crash,” hosted by Chef Jeff Mauro, and “Supermarket Stakeout,” hosted by Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. She held a watch party Tuesday at Blue Moon Mexican Cafe in Wyckoff to celebrate her $10,000 win on Supermarket Stakeout, in which she competed against three other chefs in a “pop-up” kitchen in a grocery store parking lot.

Since Shaghaghi was a young girl, she said, cooking always contributed to a sense of well-being and created a comforting space for her.

“Cooking soothes my soul, and sharing that with others, especially youth, is beyond important to me,” she said, adding that her dream is to one day have her own cookery show and that, in the meantime, she will just keep practicing .

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