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West Hempstead man arrested on animal cruelty charges

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West Hempstead man arrested on animal cruelty charges

HOWARD BEACH, NY — A West Hempstead man has been arrested for allegedly abusing his dog, then abandoning her outside an animal rescue.

The Nassau County District Attorney’s office says 41-year-old Damian Douglas was arrested Thursday and faces multiple animal cruelty charges.

The dog was left in a crate outside Bobbi & the Strays Rescue Center in Freeport on July 7. A rescue worker said the dog was emaciated, had multiple sores and couldn’t even hold her own head up.

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In a statement, Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly said, “The defendant allegedly kept his dog in a crate outside his home for at least eight months and allowed his animal to suffer open sores, severe malnutrition and muscle wasting. This is one of the worst cases of extreme confinement and animal cruelty we’ve ever seen in this county.”

The dog was taken to the Howard Beach Animal Clinic for emergency care. The veterinary staff there named her Athena, for her strength.

A mixed breed dog with visible ribs, sores on her back left leg, a bandage on her backside and a pink cast on her front right leg
An abused dog, whom doctors have named Athena, was left in front of a Nassau County animal rescue center on July 7, 2022.

Veterinarians say Athena is expected to be OK once she gains weight and undergoes surgery. Once she has recovered, she will be put up for adoption.

Douglas was arraigned and released on his own recognizance. He is due back in court Aug. 2.

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2 thoughts on “West Hempstead man arrested on animal cruelty charges”

  1. Damian Douglas deserves to be in jail for at least 10 years for the physical and emotional abuse he put his dog through. He should be put in a cage with no food or water and beaten n left in his own feces n urine like his dog was!! The fact that he dropped that poor dog off in a Mercedes is even more infuriating!!! He obviously had money, but chose to deprive the dog of what she needed and now it’s time to deprive him of EVERYTHING!!!! KARMA!! Also we need to have tougher sentences on people who abuse animals, these animals can’t speak for themselves so we have to and when you have Disgusting people abusing animals, they need to be held responsible and put in prison, not given a slap on the wrist by a judge and let out again!!!

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